babydoll's filly

Date of Birth: April 19, 2008
Black Forest Babydoll X Lion King
Color:  Black and white

DNA Tested:
Red Factor: Ee
Tobiano: TT
PSSM1: Negative

Registration: GVHS GV02550

Babydoll's Filly (not my choice of names!) is a gorgeous, outstanding 
example of the gypsy horse breed. This girl comes from two legendary 
parents.  Lion King was one of the best gypsy stallions I have ever seen, and most of his offspring have been outstanding as well. 
Babydoll's Filly would make an outstanding show horse, however, she 
sustained some kind of injury to her back end before I bought her, 
resulting in an irregular trot. It is a real shame not to be able to show 
her, as she is such a superb example of the breed.


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